GLC2O: Career Studies

The Beginning of Something Amazing!
This is an image of a typewriter with the words Ask Yourself typed on the page.

Welcome to Careers! In this Activity, you will get an overview of the course and a glimpse of the course Culminating Activity.

Life is All About Balance
This is an image of a chalk board with the words Healthy, Body, Mind and Spirit.

Staying healthy and building resilience are keys to adapting to today's changing workplace. We will identify ways to maintain a healthy balance in our lives, while also building transferable skills.

The Changing World of Work
This is an image of a hands holding a set of interlocking gears against a setting sun.

With the rapid pace of change in today's workforce, to be successful in our future we need to identify, develop and feel confident in our mastery of transferable skills.

Exploring Your Options
This is an image of a series of ladders with one ladder reaching a target.

Using what you've learned about yourself and the changing world of work, it's time to explore your options after high school.

Choosing a Pathway
This is an image of a pair of feet with directional arrows pointing in all directions.

You've investigated pathways after high school, now it's time to make a choice and set a path for your future.

The Basics of Financial Literacy
This is an image of a jar of money with the label on it that reads The Future.

In order to plan ahead for our future, we need to make responsible decisions about money. To do this, we will develop a financial toolkit as we learn about how to manage our money.

My Online Life
This is an image of a cell phone with a representation of data floating out.

A future employer can learn a lot about us by our online presence. Learning to manage our personal information online is a great way to use digitial and social media effectively and responsibly.

Communicating My Skills
This is an image of a loudspeakers framed against the sky.

We are learning to network in traditional and online spaces so that we can effectively communicate our skills.

Financial Literacy: Making it Real
This is an image of Canadian currency beside a calculator and notepad.

We are exploring how to manage money so that we can prepare a budget for our first year after high school.