Unit 1: Factors That Determine Good Health

In this unit, we will begin to explore the factors which directly influence our personal wellness. These are known as the components of wellness. We will consider how we make choices to help us to be healthy for life, how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals, and how we can overcome challenges that get in the way of making these changes part of an everyday healthy lifestyle.

We will also learn important inquiry skills to help us investigate the resources that are available to us when we consider making changes to enhance any of the seven different components of wellness, including resources in our community. So let’s begin our wellness journey together.

Unit 2: Social Factors that Influence My Health

Your personal health is determined by many different factors. Living in a social environment, and having close personal connections with others both at home, work, and school can ultimately influence your health and overall wellness. Everyday, you make decisions that impact your health and the health of others.

In this unit you will explore the factors that influence your health such as your relationships, your own identity, your genetics, and the physical environment in which you live. You will also continue to work towards your wellness goals. You will also consider how your own health will influence your options as you explore potential careers in the field of health and wellness.

Finally, you will examine how policies and laws can play a part in improving and influencing the health of all! It is often said, that a life well lived is the best example for others, so let’s continue to examine how you can live your life well.

Unit 3: Healthy Communities

Being able to choose different services and products when considering your health is helpful when traditional Western medicine does not seem to work. But what happens if the services or products are not supported by medical science? Can it be dangerous to use alternative therapies that might be unregulated? Making informed choices is going to be critical as you discover a few of the many options for healthcare in the pursuit of good health.

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Unit 4: Documenting My Learning Journey

You have almost finished the work required for you to do in the Health for Life course!

In your ePortfolio, you will consider the artifacts you have been collecting throughout the course. Some artifacts might best reflect your learning, a personal challenge, a major surprise, or an interesting area for improvement.

You will also showcase your own community and the unique supports it might have for future health and wellness, both for yourself, and others. As you complete the culminating tasks outlined below, you will have a chance to select the artifacts and services or locations that you feel best represent healthy lifestyle choices during this course, and that are clear choices that will help demonstrate your learning.

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